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I’m Tom Roth, the creator of EasternCabinRental.com, and I would like to thank you for visiting this website. EasternCabinRental.com grew out of my own frustration at trying to find appropriate mountain cabin rentals. The search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, gave me lots of links, but I always spent hours clicking on link after link to visit other websites. The cabin rental directories that were online only gave me information on a handful of rentals managed by a single rental agency. And many times it was difficult to find the information on amenities that was important to my decision.

What I wanted was a single, comprehensive directory of rental cabins that I could search by number of bedrooms, occupancy, and location. And I thought it would be even better if I could specify the amenities that were necessary for my situation, such as a hot tub, pool, air-conditioning, view, etc. Carrying the concept even further, wouldn’t it be perfect if that directory also gave me photos, rates, and owner contact information in a single place, and allowed me to save that information for later reference, or e-mail that information to my friends and family!

Well, that’s the idea behind EasternCabinRental.com. We aren’t all the way there yet – but we’re making fast progress. Our immediate objective is to build a huge database, arranged by city and state, which contains links to as many cabins as we can possibly find on the Internet. And we’re linking to the web pages for the each individual cabin, not to a management company’s home page that requires further searching. Because I live in Atlanta and want to use the database for my own vacation rentals, we’ve started with Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, but we’ll be adding more states as we go.

In the near future, you will see many more improvements besides additional listings. We will also be marketing our service to property owners and managers because we will need their financial support as well as their detailed listing information to make the rental database as comprehensive as it can be.

We also need the support of our visitors. By using this website and telling others about it, you can help make it a viable enterprise. As our traffic increases, so will the number of property owners and managers who will want to list their information here. But I know that you won’t return here and you won’t tell your friends about us if you don’t find what you want or expect on our website. That’s why I’m asking you to contact me personally with your ideas and suggestions. Also, please take a moment to sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you updated on new listings, special offers, and news of local events.

Again, thank you for visiting, and I look forward to your continued support of EasternCabinRental.com

Tom Roth


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